Adobe Photoshop

Enhance and maximise your pictures with this simple to follow bit-by-bit course. Take your digital images to the subsequent level with one in every of the most effective course for image writing in photoshop. it's a short certificate course designed completely for photographers desperate to quickly and simply learn Photoshop. It imparts you advanced techniques aimed specifically towards photographers to the touch up, correct, and enhance digital and scanned pictures.

whether or not you've got ne'er used Photoshop before, by the tip of this coaching you'll have some serious insight and confidence in exposure writing.

This course can show you the way to scale back digital noise through filters, channels, and therefore the raw plug-in. you'll conjointly find out how to repair your pictures mistreatment clone tool and healing brush, increasing image sharpness, removing distortion and correcting perspective, operating with multiple pictures, produce artistic blur effects, making custom lighting effects, and the way to convert a picture to black and white

Pre-requisites for Adobe Photoshop – Photography Special Course

  • Working knowledge with Windows or Mac operating system
  • Prior knowledge of Photography is a must
  • This course is recommended for any passionate photographer or individuals looking to improve the quality of their images and efficiency of their workflow

Overview to Photoshop Interface

  • Photoshop tools
  • Working with Panels and workspace
  • Exploring Layer styles, effects and adjustment layers
  • Making Selections
  • Various Window options

Image Correction and Manipulation Methods

  • Image Resolutions and Resizing
  • Photo Retouching and Repairing
  • Image Distortion and Color Correction
  • Understanding Depth of field

Working with Camera Raw Files

  • Camera raw preferences
  • Working with color and balancing
  • Image Cropping
  • Applying settings to multiple photos

Introduction to Tables

  • Adding a table
  • Inserting and deleting Table rows & columns
  • Formatting Table

Digital Noise in Photoshop

  • What is Digital Noise?
  • Noise Reduction through filters and channels

Image Sharpness Improvement

  • Working with Smart Sharpen
  • High Pass Filter
  • Shake Reduction Filter

Removal of Distortion and Altering Perspective

  • Lens Correction
  • Auto Lens Vs Manual Lens
  • Working with Perspective Wrap

Blur Effects in Photoshop

  • Working with Field and Iris Blur
  • Applying Bokeh Effect
  • Tilt and Shift

Light, Shadow and Lens Flair

  • Lighting and Shadow Effects
  • Converting Day into Night
  • Adding Movable Lens Flair

Handling HDR Images

  • Working with Mini Bridge
  • Creating and Enhancing HDR Image

Image Enhancement

  • Clone and Clone Pattern Stamp Tool
  • Spot Healing Brush Tool
  • Patch Tool
  • How to remove wrinkles?
  • Removing Background from an Image
  • Enhancement of Lips, Eyes and Hair Color

Image Adjustments with Levels and Curves

  • Working with Level Adjustment Layer
  • Managing Contrast Level
  • Masking Techniques

Resolving Color Issues

  • Correcting images with 16 Bit Mode
  • Adjustments in Colors with Raw Plug-in
  • Adjusting Colors on Multiple Images

Tips and Tricks

  • Adding a Border
  • Creating Custom Borders
  • Saving Custom Formats
  • Aging an Image
  • Setting Up a Camera Raw Workflow

Projects in Photoshop:

Album Designing, Collage Making, Pencil Sketch Effect, Photo Enhancement, Text Effects, Retouching: Beauty Retouching/ Glamour Retouching, Restoration, Object Removal, E-Commerce Editing, Color Correction and much more.