Adobe Illustrator Course

Learn the abilities to become creative and make stunning art by joining one amongst the reputable artist training institutes city. At EWS, we've got extremely old and skilled team of consultants World Health Organization have over 10+ years of expertise in graphic coming up with, they'll cause you to familiar with latest tools and options employed in Adobe artist together with the way to produce logos, skilled kind effects, layouts etc. If you're searching for extremely advanced coaching and skilled artist categories consists of coming up with of Visiting Cards, Letter Head, Envelopes, Brochures etc. for firms, schools, or institutions then certainly our skilled coaching in Adobe artist can facilitate your master all the techniques.

Who can Join this Course?

  • Basic computer with knowledge of Internet
  • Candidates with creative skills and good designing sense
  • Keen to learn tools and techniques of short-term certificate Adobe Illustrator Course from our institute

Learning Outcomes of Adobe Illustrator

It is an industry standard used by professional designers from all over the world to create and edit graphics. By the end of the course, you will fully understand the difference between vector and raster art, and how to create high-quality vector images using the variety of tools provided.

  • The course starts you off with a quick tour of the interface so that you are familiar with the location of the tools. You will get hands on experience of using these tools while learning how to select and manipulate Illustrator objects.
  • You will be taught how to work with shapes, fills and strokes, anchors and paths and how to manage vector shapes, type, add effects, learn to manage your design with layers, work with images and masks, and learn important tips, tricks, and techniques

Learning Outcomes of Adobe Illustrator Course

  • Working with Illustrator's Interface
  • Working with Illustrator Documents
  • Understanding Drawing and Painting Techniques
  • Creating Objects, Graphs, and Symbols
  • Learning How to Select and Edit
  • Understanding Color, Gradients, and Mesh
  • Using Illustrator to Organize Objects
  • Working with Type
  • Using Creative Strokes and Fills with Patterns
  • Applying Transformations and Distortions
  • Using Path Blends, Compound Paths, and Masks
  • Using Live Trace
  • Working with Graphic Styles and Effects
  • Creating 3-D in Illustrator
  • Customizing and Automating Illustrator
  • Understanding PostScript and Printing
  • Creating Web Graphics
  • Illustrator Workflow
  • Drawing curves using lines

Projects in Adobe Illustrator

Logo, Illustrations, Compositions, Wallpapers, Poster, Print Ads, Boards & Banners, Visiting Cards, Letter Head, Envelopes, Covers, Prospectus, Brochures, Catalogs, Packaging etc.